Best gifts for law students when money is no object

Within the realm of extravagant gifts, the only limit is your imagination.

Within the realm of extravagant gifts, the only limit is your imagination.

What do law students want more than anything in the world?

For starters, how about law school tuition paid in full with no debt, and a passing grade on the Bar Exam ;)

Buying Gifts on a Law Partner’s Budget

But let’s assume you’re looking for a somewhat more tangible gift to win the favor of your favorite law student. You’d like to find the ultimate lawyer gift, and money is no object. For many this might seem like a wonderful problem to have. Yet going with a bigger budget doesn’t necessarily mean making it easier to choose the right gift. For one thing, your options increase dramatically, making selection that more difficult. And the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on something that’s not appreciated, or makes it seem like you’re trying to use money to compensate for a lack of creativity.

Here are my suggestions:

  • macbookWant to show them that you really love them? If there’s one thing law students spend a lot of time doing, it’s working on their computer. This sweet set up is pretty much the law student’s dream (isn’t it everyone’s dream?).

More coming soon!

This page is going to be about gifts for law students when money is no object!!

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a survivor of law school and the big law world, and started this blog to help bring a little love to all those friends who are still enduring that difficult route!

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