Best Gifts by Cost: Counsel ($150 – $500)

Some of the best gift ideas are the classic ones.

Some of the best gift ideas are the classic ones.

The $150 to $500 price range seems to be a sweet spot within the realm of gift giving. At this level, you can give a gift that will be remembered and will make a genuine impact on the recipient’s life, without necessarily breaking the bank.

  • digital-cameraUltracompact Digital Camera
    The good news about going to Graduate School is that while it’s challenging, it’s also full of many rewarding moments. The friends I made in Law School are now some of my closest friends; we are bound by a shared experience so intense that outsiders just can’t relate. Ahhh, the memories! To make sure that your Law Student has something a bit more tangible than memories alone, consider giving them a cute, small digital camera that they can take with them anywhere. It’s sure to become a prized possession.
  • ipod-touchA New iPod
    I know what you’re thinking: “oh, he already has one of those!” But if your favorite student is still hauling around a clunky old iPod with its plasticky touch wheel and limited storage capacity from the days of yore (ie, anything older than a year or two ago), then prepare to be blown away: the newer iPods hold more music, or more durable, better looking, smaller, faster, and easier to use. One of my lucky friends who has the new iPod Touch even went so far as to proclaim it “the coolest gadget ever“!
  • lawyer-briefcaseLeather Legal Briefcase
    There comes a time in every young lawyer’s life when they need to make the switch from the ratty old canvas backpack to a shiny new leather briefcase. For me, this switch finally occurred when it came time to interview for summer internships after 1L year. There’s something about the glint of shiny leather by your side that exudes authority and says, “Now this is someone who has their act together!” — at least more so than that old Jansport backpack with the strap that’s about to fall off.
  • kindleAmazon Kindle Book Reader
    Amazon’s new Kindle is the kind of innovation that makes you wonder how people ever got by without it. Imagine: instead of lugging around 40 pound backpacks with 10 different books, you can carry hundreds of books on the Kindle for the size and weight of a typical magazine. Instead of spending hours flipping through books page by page to find that great quote you remember reading, you can do a keyword search and instantly pull up all of the references. Instead of trudging back to the library or bookstore to buy yet another book you need to reference, you can instantly download it, any time of day or night. And when your eyes are so tired the text begins to blur, you can just sit back and let the Kindle read to you. Wow! Now this is what Law School should be like!
  • comfy-reading-chairA SUPER Comfortable Reading Chair
    Ahh, the classic cozy reading chair! I spent my first year of law school hunched over textbooks at a desk. Then one day I purchased the perfect cozy reading chair, and I’ve never looked back since! Curling up with a textbook and a blanket makes the hours oh so much more comfortable and enjoyable, I can’t even begin to describe it. Best money I’ve ever spent!

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