Gifts to help them relax

Give the gift of relaxation.

Give the gift of relaxation.

Law students can be a stressed out bunch. Hey, who wouldn’t be when you spend all day reading about people breaking laws?

So while some of the items on this page might seem a little indulgent, think of it this way: numerous studies have shown that a calm clear mind is key to top performance in demanding situations, such as unexpected grillings from heartless professors, late night essay writing, and most of all exam time!

So if you’re looking to make the kind of impact that will turn you into a genuine gift-giving goddess (or god, as the case may be) while also making a certain law student’s life just a little bit easier, consider some of these ideas:

Gifts to help them relax:

  • footmassageFoot Massager
    Don’t want to give them yet another book? Here’s an idea that’s a bit more indulgent, yet healthy and practical at the same time. Law school requires spending a ridiculous amount of time hunched over a book at a desk. If you can help them find a little bit of relief they might just consider you a saint!
  • ipod-touch-mp3-playerMP3 Player
    When you’re rallying for yet another early morning constitutional law class with a professor with a professor who hasn’t left campus since 1973, it can be hard to keep the spirits up. Enter the MP3 player: nothing provides the right amount of pep like your own personal soundtrack. My roommate recently acquired the MP3 Player to rule all other MP3 Players, the 32GB iPod Touch, and it has barely left her side since.
  • spa-in-a-basketSpa in a Basket
    There’s nothing quite like a trip to the Spa to put you in another state of mind, but to be perfectly honest, law students rarely have time (or money) for that kind of indulgence. Fortunately, there’s an easier way: the Spa in a Basket! luxury-spa-basket Now I can get the spa experience any time or place I want: delicious smelling oils and lotions, a quick massage or exfoliation, even spa slippers!

    And of course there is always the Deluxe Version!

  • comfy-reading-chairA SUPER Comfortable Reading Chair
    Ahh, the classic cozy reading chair! I spent my first year of law school hunched over textbooks at a desk. Then one day I purchased the perfect cozy reading chair, and I’ve never looked back since! Curling up with a textbook and a blanket makes the hours oh so much more comfortable and enjoyable, I can’t even begin to describe it. Best money I’ve ever spent!
  • doorframe-basketballFun Indoor Games
    It may seem childish, but the only way I survived the endless hours of tedious bookwork in Law School was thanks to a tradition my roommates and I called the “Boogie Minute”: every hour or so we would pause the studying to jump around, dance, play, do something active and competitive — nothing gets energy levels back up like a 5-minute game of foosball or Wii or indoor hoops. And it’s certainly much more healthy than chugging Red Bull!

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a survivor of law school and the big law world, and started this blog to help bring a little love to all those friends who are still enduring that difficult route!

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  1. A.G.

    Great ideas for girls — I may even use a few of your ideas on my still-in-law-school-girlfriend, but what about the guys? I’ve found that XBox provides a great escape and stress relief…

  2. Adam Reinhardt at P&R educational games

    How can we get our products listed under a title like the above ,gifts to help them relax?

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