Gifts for new lawyers starting their law career

New lawyers need love too!

So your husband/ wife/ significant other/ son/ daughter/ neighbor/ gym coach/ etc. is going to be a lawyer! Congratulations!! The good news is that if you’re still on good terms with them after law school and the Bar Exam, then keeping up with the professional career should be a snap! But beginning a law career can be an exhausting time, so they are sure to appreciate any good luck gesture from you.

Fortunately, I’ve got your back! I’ve been scouring the interweb for the absolutely coolest, most unique gift ideas for all of your law student and lawyer friends.

Starting a law career can be an exciting but stressful time.

Starting a law career can be an exciting but stressful time.


  • lawyer-briefcaseLeather Legal Briefcase
    For most the goal of law school is to get a high-powered legal job. There’s something about the glint of shiny leather by your side that exudes authority and says, “Now this is someone who has their act together!” — at least more so than that old Jansport backpack with the strap that’s about to fall off. So make the right impression and ace that interview!
  • personalized-leather-portfolioPersonalized Executive Portfolio
    A leather executive portfolio is something that law students need to bring to every job interview, and will later use for client meetings and day-to-day organization around the office. Adding a personal touch makes this a classy and memorable gift!
  • how-judges-thinkBook: How Judges Think
    Perhaps the one thing that’s most important for a new lawyer to understand is judges: how they think, why they make the decisions that they do, and how you can get them on your side. The Hon. Richard Posner practically serves it up on a platter for you in this brand new book guaranteed to give you a competitive edge.
  • personalized-charging-stationPersonalized Desktop Gadget Charging Station
    Here’s a gift that wouldn’t even have existed 10 years ago, but for some poeple is hard to imagine going without today. For the on-the-go person who has a Blackberry, iPod, cell phone, camera, laptop, etc. that all need to be charged, this neat charging station will turn the desktop mess into a slick professional looking personalized home for your gadgets!

This page is about gifts for new lawyers just starting their law career, but it’s still something of a work in progress… So check back soon, because in less time than it takes to explain adverse possession, this page will be transformed into a treasure-trove of tips that will turn you into a genuine gift-giving goddess (or god, as the case may be). In the meantime, I hope you’ll find the below links to be useful!

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a survivor of law school and the big law world, and started this blog to help bring a little love to all those friends who are still enduring that difficult route!

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    [...] But if you don’t like that suggestion, I have prepared an entire page on gift ideas for new lawyers starting their law career. [...]

  2. Charles Carreon

    Law school has a way of instilling panic and despair in the hearts of new students. They come into law school with high hopes and grand visions, but then, like Virgil in Dante’s epic The Inferno, are plunged into a dark forest full of confusion. Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Torts and Contracts — lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Here’s book, available in inexpensive digital format, that will help the future lawyer in your life see how the subjects they are trying to learn in their curriculum fit together in practice. The Sex.Com Chronicles, A White-Hat Lawyer’s Journey to the Dark Side of the Internet.

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