Law School Graduation Gifts

Give your law school graduate a gift they will remember!

Give your law school graduate a gift they will remember!

So that special someone is finally graduating from law school.  A momentous occasion indeed! Law school graduation marks the end of 3 difficult years of studying, exams, and stress– and the beginning of even more stress, learning, and hard work as an associate with a law firm.

To help our loved ones make that transition, it’s the least we can do to give them a cool law school graduation gift to help them on their way, don’t you think?

Gift Ideas: Law School Graduation

  • personalized-leather-portfolioPersonalized Executive Portfolio
    A nice leather portfolio for executives is a gift that will help new lawyers organize their day to day work at client meetings and around the office. You can even make this gift personal for a truly memorable and classy gift!
  • Kenneth Cole CufflinksCuff Links
    Few law students have cuff links, so you really can’t go wrong with a law school graduation gift like this. In this woman’s opinion, nice cuff links are another one of those small details that separate the “I just graduated from law school and barely know what I’m doing here” boys from the “I’m a lawyer and here to do serious business” men.
  • Tumi Voyageur Derby Business ToteTumi Business Tote
    A nice leather business tote or briefcase is a must have for new lawyers, and let’s admit it – not something many of us could afford during law school. I like simple but high quality options like this Tumi Business Tote.

  • Pen Graduation GiftsA Nice Fountain Pen
    I realize that too many people the idea of spending $200 on a pen you can get one for $0.79 that does the same thing might seem a bit ridiculous. But again, law is a profession where image matters – are you going to hand your client a 79 cent plastic Bic to sign a $20 million contract? Clients expect their attorneys to act like someone who is worth $400 an hour, and part of that image is using a nice pen. Amazon has many options, or if you don’t like paying full price you can often find great clearance deals at Executive Essentials. They even offer free engraving to make your gift personalized!
  • Black's Law DictionaryBlack’s Law DictionaryA good quality legal dictionary is an absolute must for the practicing lawyer, and in this market there is really only one player: Black’s Legal Dictionary is the best of the best. Black’s comes in several editions; my favorite is this elegantly bound “standard edition”.
  • personalized-charging-stationPersonalized Desk Accessories
    A personalized gift for lawyers is a nice touch when marking an occasion such as law school graduation. There are many options including diploma frames, office supplies, or jewelery.

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a survivor of law school and the big law world, and started this blog to help bring a little love to all those friends who are still enduring that difficult route!

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    [...] Woo-hoo! Law school graduation is FINALLY here! If your friend or loved one is about to graduate from law school, it’s an important and joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated with the perfect law school graduation gifts. [...]

  2. Abby Frank

    I must say this was the most helpful website for my dilemna – my granddaughter has just graduated from law school (cum laude – not that I’m surprised – I’m the one her persuaded her to do this instead of being a teacher – yuck – and isn’t that awful) – anyway – I’m sure she wants me to send her a check – but frankly all the checks I’ve sent does’t get me rememberred at all – so I thought of a tangible gift that was pricey (that’s who she is) but no longer out of my reach – so you gave me some ideas – but you have no gifts recommended for more than $500 – I tried and they are all over $1000 – too much – but if I sent a check that’s what I would have to send – which would be forgotten the minute she puts it in the bank – well thanks for your help- I like to Tumi briefcase – may buy that … A Frank

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