Christmas Gift Ideas for Law Students

Merry Christmas everyone! And who needs a little holiday cheer this year more than law students? All around the country, law students are graduating without job offers, six figures of student loan debt, and at least 2-3 years before the cushy Big Law jobs start becoming available again. Ouch!

So let’s think of some ways that we can make their year a little bit brighter, shall we? I know of one way to bring cheer to the cheruby law student’s face: presents!! That’s right, a whole pile of wonderful gifts for law students!

And what could be a better gift this year than something that helps

For law students everywhere, it's that magical time of year.

For law students everywhere, it's that magical time of year.

law students get ahead, increase their chances of landing one of those coveted big law jobs, and bring the success that they had imagined when they first entered law school? That’s why this year, indulgence is out, diligence is in. Our best gift ideas are those that help law students succeed.

As a lawyer and former law student myself, I know what kinds of Christmas gifts law students appreciate most, and will do my best to help you make a great choice!

First, of course, you need to determine your budget. This page will include Christmas gift ideas for law students in all price ranges, but you can also browse gifts costing less than $50, gift ideas costing between $50 and $150, $150 to $500, and best gift ideas when money is no object!

You can also browse our list of best Christmas gifts for lawyers.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Law Students

Remember, what law students really want this year is a job, so anything that will help them land that job is a bonus.

  • macbookMacBook Pro
    Like all students, law students spend a LOT of time on the computer… It’s their communication hub, their research gateway, even their entertainment center. Having a great laptop can really make law school much more pleasant– and make you a lot more successful at the same time. The best news? Amazon currently has themon sale!
  • kindleAmazon Kindle Book Reader
    Amazon’s new Kindle is the kind of innovation that makes you wonder how people ever got by without it. Imagine: instead of lugging around 40 pound backpacks with 10 different books, you can carry hundreds of books on the Kindle for the size and weight of a typical magazine. Instead of spending hours flipping through books page by page to find that great quote you remember reading, you can do a keyword search and instantly pull up all of the references. Instead of trudging back to the library or bookstore to buy yet another book you need to reference, you can instantly download it, any time of day or night. And when your eyes are so tired the text begins to blur, you can just sit back and let the Kindle read to you. Wow! Now this is what Law School should be like!
  • what can you do with a law degreeBook: What Can You Do With a Law Degree?
    So this year there not everyone who graduates is going to get that Big Law job. No worries: many people who go to Big Law are miserable and end up quitting after a year anyway. So maybe it’s a blessing in disguise? But first one need to answer the question: just what can I do with this expensive new degree? If your loved one is asking that question, I have only one piece of advice: BUY THEM THIS BOOK! In fact, buy it for them before they start worrying, and it will make the law school experience so much less terrifying knowing that there are many paths one can take with a law degree, some of which may be just as glamorous as those TV lawyers make them out to be!
  • comfy-reading-chairVery Comfortable Reading Chair
    What’s that you say, a CHAIR is going to help me succeed??! Believe me, when you’re on your 18th hour straight reading Fundamentals of Federal Securities Regulation, it takes all the willpower you can summon to keep your butt planted in a chair with a book open. But with the perfect cozy reading chair, curling up with a textbook and a blanket makes the hours oh so much more comfortable and enjoyable, I can’t even begin to describe it. Best money I’ve ever spent!
  • lawyer-briefcaseLeather Legal Briefcase
    For most the goal of law school is to get a high-powered legal job. There’s something about the glint of shiny leather by your side that exudes authority and says, “Now this is someone who has their act together!” — at least more so than that old Jansport backpack with the strap that’s about to fall off. So make the right impression and ace that interview!
  • gettingtomaybeBook: Getting to Maybe
    Negotiation and communication skills are central to success as a lawyer. But don’t expect your professors to understand that. Instead, pick up this classic book and take a shortcut to the head of the class — because even the best can use a little help from time to time…

More Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Would you like to make some suggestions for additional Christmas gifts for law students? Dear Law Students, what can we get for you this year? (No climbing on laps required: just post your wish list in the comment box below and I’ll make sure your suggestions are added to the post!)

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm new to blogging so please feel free to leave helpful comments, suggestions, etc. As you may have guessed, I am a survivor of law school and the big law world, and started this blog to help bring a little love to all those friends who are still enduring that difficult route!

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